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Whirled Cup
• • • • 2006 • • • •
What do you do with two giant wheels with spokes that feature base 5 radial symmetry?
…that we haven't tried already? ANSWER: Something with pentagons. Perhaps?
But everyone learned in basic geometry that you cannot tesselate pentagons.
Ah, but the wheels could have art that gave the illusion of a spherical surface. A very common sphere that features pentagons is a soccer ball.

2006 just happened to be a year in which the World Cup soccer tournaments was being held. Not only that, but by da Vinci Days, the world would know who won the coveted trophy.

Okay, but how do you make a flat disc look like a spherical surface?Color
We achieved the effect by using paint on the solid surface of the wheels (the foam) and carrying it into the open center by use of dowel, clear tubing, black mesh fabric, and more paint.

The dowel/fabric was held together as one unit by creating a hoop out of flexible pipe. This hoop was then affixed to the spokes by means of plastic Zip ties.

With a soccer ball that large, it must take a big shoe to keep it moving!
A paper mached, five foot long shoe was made of newspaper strips and brown paper sacks over chicken wire. Ready-made wallpaper paste and hundreds of hours later, an odd shoe was formed.

In keeping with the kinetic humor, a stilleto heel was added to the shoe. The shoe served as storage for paddles, life vest, snacks, bribes for the judges and kinetic kops.

With a shoe that large, it must take a big person to fit that shoe!
Whirled Cup had two soccer players. They were 12' tall girl players who scored one GOAL after another.

When not keeping Whirled Cup moving, these girls were busy doing high-fives with spectators and playing patty-cake with each other.

Now that Bob's long-time pit crew have become puppeteers, he's had to compete in two of three races in 2006, solo!

Watch for more BIG puppets at future kinetic races.

Learn how to build your own Big Puppet.

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Long time friends and ex- bicycle racers who met at Scott's Cycle many years ago, meet up to cheer on Whirled Cup and savor the food at da Vinci Days.

Meet Rick, Bob, and Kerry.

So, how did Whirled Cup do in 2006?
Grand Champion at Klamath Falls' kinetic sculpture race.

Graand Champion at da Vinci Days' kinetic sculpture race.

Teddy Bear prize at Port Townsend's kinetic sculpture race.

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Updated: 11/6/06

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